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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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the MARLISCO Exhibition in Greece

Marine Litter: A problem of global concern ...

In recent years the media often deluges viewers with alarming pictures of beaches with mountains of garbage or sea wildlife that is trapped or chokes or dies because of floating litter. Litter is found in all seas and coasts around the world... lying on shores ... floating at any depth... even in the most isolated, pristine environments such as the Arctic, Antarctic and in the middle of the ocean.

Littered beach © Tonay Tudav

Do the media exaggerate?

Exactly how far-off are such pictures from our conventional, easy going lives?

Unfortunately, in most cases one doesn't need to move far from one's place to locate garbage on coasts, river banks, roads' sideways etc. Such a sight easily comes to mind to most of us.

And how big is the scale of the problem?

Surveys show that globally wastes in the seas are up to 70% plastic. If one considers how plastic has taken over the planet in the last century, and that the first generation of plastics are still with us today... one can start to grasp the huge dimensions of the problem.

Seagull with plastic © Matthias Mossbauer

Can we remove it?

Heavy items at the vast ocean bottom are out of reach. On the other hand, degrading fragments of litter, invisible to the eye, form a “plastic dust” that floats in the ocean and enters the food chain as it is digested by organisms. Both are impossible to remove.

Within the European project “MARLISCO”, MIO-ECSDE has prepared an exhibition to sensitise students and the general public on the issue. The exhibition is composed of 12 thought provoking panels, which explore the sources, impacts and possible ways to tackling the global challenge of marine litter in our contemporary consumption culture.

We hope through this exhibition individuals, especially young people, may start to re-think their actions to prevent litter from being generated in the first place. Changing our attitudes, our choices and our habits, towards more responsible lifestyles is a prerequisite in order to tackle this huge issue.

Floating plastic bag © Wolf Wichmann

MARLISCO: MARine LItter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsibility. 
MARLISCO is a FP7 project funded by the European Commission.
Download MARLISCO project poster in PDF

In Greece the MARLISCO exhibition has been produced with the support of the Coca-Cola System in Greece (Coca-Cola Hellas & Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon).

The Exhibition Displays in Greece: 2014 - today

30 APRIL - 4 MAY 2014


More than 5,000 visitors including school groups, university researchers, families, artists and scientists took part in the rich 5 day long Science Festival that took place in Technopolis, Athens.

Read full article here.

10 MAY 2014


Some 120 people, children and adults gathered in the beach of Varkiza on Saturday the 10th of May 2012, to clean up the coast, play and learn about marine litter.

Read the full article here.

12 MAY 2014


EC Environment Commissioner and Greek Minister of Environment officially open the MARLISCO Exhibition during the Mediterranean Marine Litter Week.

The official opening ceremony of the MARLISCO exhibition took place in the premises of the University of Athens, during the inauguration of the Mediterranean Litter Week, a series of events taking place between 12-16 May that are expected to be followed by more than 500 participants from 18 Euro Mediterranean Countries.

Read full article here.

13 MAY 2014


MARLISCO exhibition was displayed at the beautiful building of Zappeion Megaron during the informal Council Meeting of EU Environment Ministers.

In total aprox. 200 delegates participated in this meeting.

Read the full article here.

20 September 2014

MARLISCO Exhibition Joins an ICC cleanup Day

MARLISCO Exhibition has been displayed in a cleanup organised within the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day 2014. The ICC is the largest annual global volunteer effort to remove and record litter on the coastal and marine environment, bringing hundreds of thousands of people from around 100 countries.

The cleanup took place on Saturday 20/09/2014 on a heavily littered beach near the SEF Stadium in Athens, with the participation of a group of students and their teachers, as well as the local beach goers, around 100 people in total.

The volunteers collected 84 bags of recyclable waste, mostly items such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic packaging; glass bottles; straws, beverage cans; caps/lids, etc. plus a few bags of non-recyclable waste.

Read the full article here

26 September 2014

MARLISCO exhibition at the Researchers’ Night

The National Research Centre "Demokritos", in Athens, reopened its doors to children and adults in a tour to the fascinating world of science, research and technology.

More than 1.500 people took part in the Researcher’s Night on 26/09/2014. MARLISCO Exhibition was there, as part of the parallel events, with the aim to sensitise visitors on issues around marine litter. Many visitors wandered around the MARLISCO Exhibition, where they were introduced to marine litter threats, impacts and ideas how to overcome the problem.

Read the full article here

April - May - June 2015

MARLISCO exhibition hosted at Attica Zoological Park

During this three month period, right next to the Aquarium of the Attica Zoo, the MARLISCO Exhibition informs the visitors about the threats of Marine Litter.

The Attica Zoo receives hundreds of visotors daily either as free visitors or as organised school visits. Especially in the weekends the number of visitors per day can exheed 1000 individuals. The outreach of the Exhibition over the three month period is certainly satidfactory.

Moreover, the staff of the Attica Zoo integrate parts of the MARLISCO Exhibition in their educational interventions about Marine Wildlife.

May 2015 - May 2016

MARLISCO exhibition hosted at Goulandri Museum of Natural History

The Goulandri Museum of Natural History, a pioneering institution in environmental education in Greece since the 1960s, has created the program "The Message of the Sea" in cooperation with many partners, amongst which MIO-ECSDE and specifically the MARLISCO Exhibition.

The program "The Message of the Sea" includes a series of events, scientific and educational / recreational activities on the premises and the garden of the museum. From May 2015 to May 2016 the banners of the MARLISCO Exhibition have been reproduced and displayed in the Goulandri Museum. During this period the Museum is expected to have received more than 25,000 visitors.

The program "The Message of the Sea" includes a series of events, scientific and educational / recreational activities on the premises and the garden of the museum.

Read more

September 2015

Exhibition hosted at City Hall of Elfsina 8/09 - 14/09/2015.

The Exhibition was combined with a teachers training on the use of the MARLISCO Material "Know, Feel, Act to Stop Marine litter", attended by ~30 teachers of the Elefsina Region.

Read more on the Teachers Training in Greek Language.

The Exhibition was combined also with an international conference about the Environmental Perspectives of the Gulf of Elefsina.

March - April 2016

Exhibition travels to Patra for one month !!

From 20 March to 20 April 2016 the MARLISCO exhibition has been hosted at the Environmental Education Municipal Park (Agia Beach) of Patras receiving guided school visits on a daily basis.

To prepare the teachers, a dedicated training was held in Patras on 21/02/2016 in collaboration with the EE officers of Achaia.

Read more

MAY 2016

MARLISCO exhibition travels to Megara City for three weeks.

Megara Municipality undertook the transfer and hosting of the Exhibition for 3 weeks. Following a seminar for teachers (13/05/2016), the local schools visited the Exhibition in order to increase awareness on the issue of marine Litter. Read more.

JUNE 2016

MARLISCO exhibition travels to Andros Island (June 2016).

On the occasion of the World Environment Day the MARLISCO Exhibition travelled to Andros Island and will be hosted in Gavrion Old Primary School from June 4th to June 30th 2016. On 03-04/06/2016 a training seminar was organised for about 60 teachers of the island and the nearby regions. The training was coorganised with the local CEE.


MARLISCO exhibition travels in Norway (October 2016)

We are happy and moved to see the MARLISCO exhibition continuing its journey in another country, another language!

Thanks to the Oslofjord Outdoor Recreational Council the exhibition has been translated, adapted, produced and disseminated in Norway!!!



MARLISCO exhibition in Nikaia City (Oct - Dec 2018)

After two years of silence, the MARLISCO exhibition was awaken. It was cleansed, and brushed and looking like new it was once more, exhibited, this time in Athens, Nikaia City.

Every weekday for more than 2 months it received classes daily, guided by the staff of the Municipality that hosted us.

In the afternoons it was open for free visitors.

Read more


MARLISCO exhibition in Athens Municipality

This year we very happy to be exhibiting in the largest Municipality of Greece, the city if Athens. During the four weeks that the Exhibition will be displayed in Athens it will be visited systematically by Greek teachers and students (mornings), and be open open for free visitors (afternoons).


Technical Parameters

The Exhibition is bilingual (Eng – Greek) and is available to be displayed in outdoor or indoor spaces of minimum 80 - 100 sq meters size. It is comprised of a set of 12 panels that are fixed through wooden poles (H 2.10 m) on a set of 16 barrels (H 1.10, d 0.50 m), a symbol of wastes in the sea.

Anyone interested in displaying the exhibition, please contact info@medies.net.



The Exhibition is composed of 12 panels/posters, that examine issues of marine litter sources, impacts, and possible solutions.

Download the Exhibition content (12 banners) in Greek Language (PDF file).

Download the Exhibition content (12 banners( in English Language (PDF file).




Your impressions of the Exhibition are valuable and will help us imporve its content !

Those having browsed or visited the exhibition are kindly requested to reply to 3 brief questions.

Evaluation Survey in Greek Language here: www.psy.plymouth.ac.uk/Exhibition/default.aspx?Lang=GR

Evaluation Survey in English Language here: www.psy.plymouth.ac.uk/Exhibition/default.aspx?Lang=ÅÍ

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