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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


10th WEEC, Bangkok, 3-7 November 2019
First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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MIO-ECSDE partner to a 2-yr project promoting a culture of sustainability for Lebanese Youth: SC meeting, March 2014

The project:

The Project entitled “Lebanese Youth as Messengers for Sustainability” fosters a culture of sustainability among the Lebanese children and young, their families and the local communities, in order to enhance a sustainable development in the country and sustainable relationships in the Mediterranean region.

The Project deals with four different dimensions of sustainable development, in a wider framework of promoting the empowerment of citizens contributing as such to socio-economic development and better living conditions. They are:

i) the important role of the education

ii) the values of citizenship and civic engagement to be enhanced among people,

iii) the cultural and ethical dimensions of sustainable development,

iv) the local and global dimension of sustainable development.

The project leader is the Makhzoumi Foundation and consortium partners include also OMSAR, CERD, ALMEE, MIO-ECSDE (through MEdIES), and ARMADILLA.

The 1st Steering Group Meeting - March 2014

The 1st Steering Group meeting of the project was held on 12/03/2014 in the Makhzoumi Foundation premises, in Beirut, with the participation of all partners and primal aim to establish a common framework of understanding and communication for the project. Iro Alampei represented MIO-ECSDE and MEdIES in this meeting.

The agenda items covered were:

  • Introduction of the Project and presentation of Members of the partnership
  • Sharing of the Project?s strategy and implementing methods
  • Elaboration of the work-plan for the 1st year and definition of the activities
  • Discussion about concept and practice of Education for Sustainable Development
  • Administrative issues

TRAINING THE TEACHERS: Workshops on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) addressing teachers March-April & June 2014:

Three workshops were held in the whole country to improve capacities of teachers to integrate ESD and EE in the school education, through acquiring the most adequate methodologies and teaching methods. The participants are selected according to their capacity of transferring the acquired knowledge and skills to other colleagues in their schools, to enhance the impact and sustainability of the Project.

Around 60 teachers participated to the three workshops and several school Directors and Coordinators also attended, in order to strengthen the impact of the initiative at school level.

On the basis of the materials used during the training workshops, as well as references and resources available on the websites of universities or research institutions connected to the subject of education for sustainable development, a Toolkit on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development has been realized (see below).

Read more on these workshops: articles.asp?cID=6&aID=974


It is a guide that intends to help teachers of the intermediate levels to integrate the objectives of Education and Sustainability within their courses. It provides references about Sustainable Development, its goals and themes and describes the ways and means by which the teacher can easily incorporate the goals of education with the objectives of sustainable always respecting the modern teaching methods based on the principle of active learning.

This guide is divided into three sections: English, French and Arabic whereby each section includes an introduction about Sustainable Development- its history, evolution, and references as well as activities which provide practical means for the topics of Education for Sustainable Development and useful web sites.


MOBILISING THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES: Seminars on sustainable development and consumption addressing local administrators and civil society associations, October 2014:

On 22-23-24 October, 2014, three seminars were held in Beirut, Tripoli and in the Bekaa to enhance common approaches towards sustainable development and consumptions.

The seminars have been organized with the technical support of ALMEE and MIO-ECSDE, with the aim to increase awareness of local public and private actors on their role and responsibilities towards sustainable development and consumption. These are the main components of a new “Culture and Ethics” of sustainable development, which can be considered the process of achieving human development in an inclusive and equitable manner.

Read more on these seminars: articles.asp?cID=6&aID=975


In March 2015, a contest has been launched in private and public schools throughout Lebanon to encourage children and young to become more active and responsible citizens, able to promote change towards sustainable development in their communities.

This activity proposes to enhance a practical and direct understanding of youth on the issues related to sustainable development. Through participating to the Contest, they have the opportunity to deal with common matters that concern their life and boost their disposition to become socially active and to espouse a good cause.

The youth are asked to form groups and together prepare film sketches on sustainable consumption and production. The winners have been proclaimed during an award ceremony and the prize will be the opportunity to realize “their sustainable development action” in their communities.

The best nine sketches have been combined in a documentary/short movie, that will be distributed in the schools and among the local associations and disseminated through media, not  only at national but also at Mediterranean level.

Read more on the Announcement of the contest articles.asp?cID=26&aID=976
Read more on the Award Ceremonies in May 2015: articles.asp?cID=6&aID=987

See the best nine sketches prepared by the students of Beirut, Tripoli and Bekaa, recorded in videos - YouTube links:
Find below the Documentary of the Contest

Documentary on the project contest (in Arabic & English)

The 13.18 min long video collects and presents the experiences of the 2 year long project "Lebanese Youth as Messengers of Sustainability" that run between 2013-2015, particularly its youth contest.

The views of experts, teachers, partners as well as the participating youth are testified.

Access the video here:https://youtu.be/7lq6rkNCD7I



To increase awareness of the whole communities on topics concerning sustainable development and environmental protection, families were invited to an environmental day and participate to activities, like environmental craft workshops,  awareness raising sessions for women and environmental games and animation for children.

The environmental days took place at the premises of Lebanese Universities. The decision to organize these events at well-known educational institutes was to highlight the importance of education, at all levels, to encourage a culture of sustainable development within the society.

Read more on these events: articles.asp?cID=6&aID=1026

See the best nine sketches prepared by the students of Beirut, Tripoli and Bekaa – to be sent in the next few days
See the Documentary of the Contest
Greek Youth Messages for Sustainability - 3 day long events at the University of Athens - November 2015
For three successive days, in November 10, 11 and 12 2015, more than 120 young people from Attica region, Greece, aged 15-17 years old took part in an experiential event facilitated by the MEdIES secretariat, in order for them to create their own sustainability messages. The goal of the 3-day long event was to facilitate a discussion with youth groups from many schools of Attica region in order for the young students to generate and negotiate their own priorities and messages to effectively render their school communities more sustaibable.

Read more on the events in Athens, Greece and the outcomes of the brainstorming discussion with youth: articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1025

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability /Methodological approaches and educational goals in the Italian school, Rome, 9 October 2015

On 9th of October, a seminar was held in Rome addressing teachers and other local actors interested to the issues of the environmental education and education for sustainable development.

The purpose of this event was to present the AFKAR Project and its results, as an opportunity to enhance a debate, within the Italian educational community, about the importance of education to promote sustainable development in the society and about the formal/informal/non-formal paths to integrate the ESD in the school teaching.

Read more on the event in Rome: articles.asp?cID=6&aID=1055


In the presence of Mr Fouad Makhzoumi, the Founder and Mrs May Makhzoumi, the President of Makhzoumi Foundation, representatives from the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, as well as representatives from Ministries, municipalities, NGOs, public and private schools, embassies, the media and other stakeholders, the closing ceremony of the project was held in Beirut on 27th of November.

The results of the Project were presented and all the involved actors affirmed their continuous commitment to work for the promotion of sustainable development in Lebanon and in the Mediterranean countries.

Read more on the closing ceremony in Beirut: enter/_aearticle.asp?aID=1056

Follow the project on Facebook :



The Project falls under “AFKAR III”, the Programme supported by the EU and managed by the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) which is engaged with the civil society organizations, in consolidating respect for human rights and socio economic development.


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