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Greek Corner
MEdIES in the GAP Partner Network 1

Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


World's Largest Lesson launching for school year 2019-20
10th WEEC, Bangkok, 3-7 November 2019
First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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Rainwater Harvest Greek

?? ?O?? ??S ?????S: ?a?da?????? ????? ??a t?? ??pa?de?s? ??a t?? ?e?f??? ???pt???, G?aate?a MEdIES
THE GIFT OF RAIN: Educational material for ESD, MEdIES Secretariat

? p??t? ??d?s? t?? ?????? pa????? ap? t?? G?aate?a t?? MEdIES t?? ?????? t?? 2009 ?a? t? 2013 a???????se ? de?te?? ??d?s?, ?a? ?? d?? e?d?se?? e?ta???e? st? "?????aa S?????? ????? ?d?t?? se e??????? ??s??" p?? ???p??e?ta? ap? t? 2009 st? p?a?s?? t?? pe??a????t???? p?????at?? "?p?st??? ?e??".

?? ????? ap?s??pe? st?? e?a?s??t?p???s? ?a? t?? pa??t???s? t?? a??t?? t?? ?/??a? ?a? ?/??a? ?a ?????s??? t?? pa?ad?s?a??? ?a? ??e? te?????? ?a? p?a?t???? s??????? ??????? ?e???. ??a??f????e st? p?a?s?? t?? ?e?aet?a? t?? ??? ??a t?? ??pa?de?s? ??a t?? ?e?f??? ???pt??? (???) (2005 2014) ?a? t?? St?at?????? t?? UNECE ??a t?? ???, ?a? a??????e? t?? a???? ?a? t?? ?ate????se?? t??? ?? p??? t? st????es?a ?a? t?? pa?da??????? p??se???se??.

?? ?O?? ??S ?????S ape????eta? se a??t?? t?? te?e?ta??? t??e?? t?? ???t???? s???e??? (??, ???a? S??) ?a? t?? G??as??? (???a? ??). St????eta? se a??t??e?t????? ?a? ??at???? p??se???se?? ep?????ta? t??? a??t?? se d?ast????t?te? ?at? t?? ?p??e? a?a?a??pt???, d?e??t??ta?, p????at????ta?, e??e?????ta? a?? ?a? ?sa ap? t?? a????ep?d?as? t??? st?? e??as?a se ??de?. ?? e?pa?de?t???? te?????? p?? p??te????ta? st?? d?ast????t?te? e??a?: ? s???t?s?, ta ??t??a, ? d??s??p?s?, ? e??t? st? ped??, ta pa????d?a ????? ?a? ?? d?aat?p???se?? ?sa ap? t?? ?p??e? p???????ta? ??ata s?et??? e t? st?s? t?? ?pe?????? p???t?, t? p???t?s??? pa??d?s? ?a? t?? s??????e? a????e? ?a? ?ata????s?, t? s??des? t?? s???e??? ?a? t?? t?p???? ???????a? - ??a s?et??? e t? ?e??.

?? e?pa?de?t???? a?a??eta? ?a a???p???s??? t? ?O?? ??S ?????S ???s??p????ta? t? ?? s????? ? t?at? t?? se s?et??? a??ata, st?? e?????t? ????, se p?????ata ??.

?? pe??e??e?? t?? ?????? a?apt?????e d?a?eat??? ep?????ta? ta s??af? ep?st?????? ped?a, ?p??: ????????a, Ge???af?a, ?ete???????a, ?st???a, G??ssa ?a? ????te???a, ?a???af?a, ????a?? ???????a. ?e???a??e? 10 ?eat???? e??t?te? p?? ape??????ta? st??? a??t?? ?a? p????? ?a ???s??p??????? ap? t??? ?d???? e t?? ?at?????? ?p?st????? ?a? d?aes????s? t?? e?pa?de?t????. ???e ?eat??? a?apt?sseta? se ??a tet??pt??? (2 se?. ?4 ? 1 se?. ?3) p?? pe???a??e? ?a? t? F???? ???as?a?, ?a? p?? ? e?pa?de?t???? p??e? ?a t?p?se? ?a? ?a a?apa???e? ??a ?a t??? a??t?? t??.

?? ????? ??e? e?????e? ap? t? ?/?s? S???? t?? ?p????e??? ?a?de?a?, ??a ???? ????s?? ?a? T??s?e??t?? s?f??a e t?? 30309/G7, t?? 16-10-2010 ap?fas?.



??sa???? st??? st?????, t? pe??e??e?? ?a? t?? pa?da??????? ?ate????se?? t?? ??????.

00. ???G??S G?? ??? ????????????
Ge????? ?d???e? ??a t??? e?pa?de?t????? p?? ?a ???p???s??? t?? s?ast????t?te?.

1. ? ?????S ??? ????? & ? ??T?O??S
?? a??t?? ?atas?e?????? ??a ??t??? t?? ?????? t?? ?e??? ?a? a?a????? ??a t?? ep?pt?se?? t?? a????p???? d?ast????t?t?? st?? ?e?t?????e? t?? ??????.

2. ?? ???? S??? ???? ??S
?? a??t?? ?????? ??e??a st? ped?? ??a t?? e?t?p?s? ?a? t? ?a?t????f?s? t?? ?dat???? p???? -f?s???? ?a? te???t?? - t?? t?p?? t???.

3. ? ????? S??? ???? ??S
?? a??t?? ?atas?e?????? ?a s?et??? d??ta?? ??a ?a et???? ?a? ?a ?p????????? t? ?s? ????pt?s? st?? pe????? t??? ?a? s????????? ta ap?te??sata t??? e e?e??a t?? s?et???? ?p??es???.

4. ?OS ???????G?? ??? S?S???? S????G?S ???????? ?????

?? a??t?? e?et??? st? ped?? s?st?ata s??????? t?? ??????? ?e???, e?t?p????? ta t?ata ?e?t?????a? t??? ?a? ta ap?t?p????? se s??tsa ?a? a??te?.

5. (S?) TI X????????? ??? S?????;
?? a??t?? e??e?????ta? ??a ta p?e??e?t?ata ?a? t?? apa?t?se?? e??? s?st?at?? s??????? t?? ??????? ?e??? ?a? t?p??et???ta? ?sa ap? s?et??? pa????d? ?????.

6. ?? ???? S?? ?????T??
?? a??t?? a???p????? a??e?a?? ?????, ????te????? ap?sp?sata, ?.?. ??a t??? t??p??? p????e?a? ?a? ap????e?s?? t?? ?e??? de?aet?e? p??? st?? t?p? t??? ?a? e?f?????ta? ?sa ap? d?aat?p???s?.

7. ?? ???? ??? ???????O?O, ?????????O, S????GO
?? a??t?? ?????? et??se?? ?a? ?p?????s??? ??a t?? p?s?t?ta t?? ?e??? p?? p??e? ?a e?????????e? e t? ???s? t?? ?a? a?a?a????? d??s? st? s???e?? t???.

8. ?? ???? S??? ????
?? a??t?? e??????ta? e ????a se ?sa e?????s?? s?et??? e t? d?a?es??t?ta ?a? t? d?a?e???s? t?? ?e??? sta ??s?? ?a? ft??????? t? d??? t??? "ef?e??da" ??a t? ?e??.

9. ? ?????????? ??? ?????

?? a??t?? e?et??? st? ped?? ta ?d?a?te?a ?a?a?t???st??? ??e??? t?? ?e??? - st???e?, ?d?a???e?a, de?ae???, ????e?, ?.?.- ?a? d?e?e????? t?? ?d?a?te?? ?a???af??? ?a? p???t?s??? s?as?a t???.

10. S???? - S????, ???? - ????

?? a??t?? a?a?a??pt??? t? ???ss??? pa??d?s? t?? t?p?? t??? s?et??? e ta ???a ??a t? ?e??, d??e?a, ?.?p.

?ate?ste ed? ???????? t? pa?da?????? ?????: ?? ?O?? ??S ?????S (2? ??d?s?)

3? ??d?s? (2014)"?? ?O?? ??S ?????S S??? ????"

? t??t? ??d?s? d??e? p???? ?fas? st? ?????? ?e?? ?a? t??? ? s?at????? ?dat????? p????? sta ast??? ???t?a. H pa?o?sa ??d?s? ???eta? ?a ?a???e? ta s?et??? ??ata ?a? ?a e?a?s??t?p???se? a??t?? ?a? e?pa?de?t????? ??a t??? ? s?at????? ?dat????? p????? e ?fas? st?? a???p???s? t?? ??????? ?e??? st?? p???.

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