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First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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Federation of Environmental and Ecological Organizations of Cyprus

Contact info:
28 Athalassas Ave, apt 12
2012 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
tel: + 357 22313750, fax: + 357 22 879241
email: info@oikologiafeeo.org ;
website: www.oikologiafeeo.org

The Federation of Environmental and Ecological Organizations of Cyprus was founded in 1988 by a number of the most active environmental Cypriot NGO\'s. Today, it comprises 16 NGO\'s members, active in the fields of ecology, environment, culture and human rights issues.

The Federation constitutes an umbrella of the environmental and cultural NGO\'s, co-ordinating and reinforcing their activities. It also participates officially in the political process as a consultant to all government bodies whose activities and policies have an impact on the environment and public health. For example, it represents the environmental community in various committees, institutions and boards in Cyprus :

  • Monitoring Committee for the Protection of Nature and Wildlife
  • Monitoring Committee for Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Committee for Waste Management
  • Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessments, and many others.

However, the focus of the activities of the Federation is always building public awareness about environmental, cultural and health issues. To do that it publicizes its activities in the media with press conferences, TV and radio appearances, organizes conferences, workshops, exhibitions, symposia and lectures. Its most recent activities include the publication of a book about Genetically Modified Organisms which aims to act as a consumers\' guide giving all the information the public ought to have about the impact of GMOs on human health and the environment. A large conference was organized for the presentation of the guide, and many smaller ones will follow. Part of the activities will be to take the campaign against GMOs to public high schools and show the students videos and other visual material in order to make them aware of harmful foods they eat at home and at school.

The publication was the result of the Federation\'s participation in a four – year long, EU-funded programme called Mediterraneo 2000, which was successfully completed in partnership with an Italian and a Maltese NGO.

As an active member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) the Federation organized a capacity – building workshop in June 2004 for all stakeholders regarding the transposition and implementation of the Aarchus Convention in Cyprus and the EU in general. The purpose of the workshop was to make the dissemination of environmental information more effective via better coordination and cooperation between the appropriate government agencies, NGOs and the public.

At the same time, FEEO is also taking part in an educational program of MEdIES especially with regard to “Water in the Mediterranean” purporting to make educators and students more informed and more sensitive about the use of the most valuable scarce resource of the Mediterranean, water.

Besides being a member of the EEB and MIO – ECSDE, FEEO is a member of other international and European networks, such as IUCN, MedForum, and is in contact with WWF, the Commonwealth the European Federation of Green Parties.

The Federation has its base in Nicosia . It has partially staff and relies mostly on the voluntary work of its members. The financial resources of the Federation come mainly from subscriptions of its members environmental projects in collaboration with other environmental organizations in Cyprus and abroad, as well as and government funding.

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