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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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the partners_italianostra

E mail: patbonelli@katamail.com

ITALIA NOSTRA is a no profit national association founded in 1955 for the protection of the environment. It has always been engaged in national campaigns and actions for the defence of artistic, natural and historical heritage. It is divided in national and local branches as well as in sectors. Membership is mainly on voluntary basis.

The Sector of Environmental Education (EE) runs many projects mainly centred on the different aspects and development of landscape. Didactics of landscape may be considered its most important expertise. The landscape is considered to be a didactic laboratory in which human population has left signs to discover, investigate and explain.

The sector EE has developed a methodological approach of “the reading of landscape” that has experimented in schools with students and young people. For a few years It has been running the following didactic projects on Italian territory:

- Cost landscape: “Torre Scatenata” (Unchained tower);
- Urban landscape: “Dear Mayor”;
- Agricultural landscape: “Changing of Agricultural Landscape”;
- Thematic landscape: “La Via Carolingia” (the road of Charles the Great).

The sector EE of Italia Nostra is moreover engaged in:
•  Actions and events for the protection of the rights of children and teenagers in collaboration with l\'UNICEF;
•  programmes on training and publishing, intercultural, ESD;
•  projects of international cooperation about responsible tourism and of protection actions in areas of particular natural and cultural value.

For a few years Italia Nostra has been participating in international activities - it founded Europa Nostra ( Europe our country)-. It has organized the international meeting on Architecture “Adobe”; the international working camps in Boscoincittà a Milano and in the didactic Farm of Farfa; intercultural performances and events organized in Roma for “Intermundia”.

Moreover the Italian partnership in the project for the conservation and sustainable development in the area Ramsar of the Lac Debo and Walado Debo, inside the mouth of the river Niger , in Mali , promoted by the Italian NGO “Terra Nuova” and the didactic activities to favour the inclusion of foreigner children in Italian classes, connected with the project.

Italia Nostra is a member of MIO-ECSDE and MEdIES and it has collaborated for the translation, presentation and dissemination of the Package “Water in the Mediterranean ”.

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