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SUMMER UNIVERSITY 2018: Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Development Management, Tourism and Local Products in Biosphere Reserves (BRs)

This was the forth in the series of Summer Univerities that have been previously held in Amfissa (2014), Samothraki (2016) and Sardinia (2017), that all foccused around the topics of designation and functioning of Biosphere Reserves (BR) / within the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme of UNESCO. This year the Summer University was held in the wider area of Parnon in Greece (see places of interest pinned on a map). It focused on issues of sustainable management, tourism and local products, while it aimed to contribute in the preparation of the nomination dossier of Parnon to enter the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (see here the detailed daily programme).

The course was atttended by more than 50 participants from 15 countries. The participants followed theoretic presentations, did a series of field visits in the Parnon area, and they were also engaged in intensive group work in three thematic areas: (A) Candidature of a BR ; (B) Education for Sustainable Development in a BR; and (C) Local products and Tourism. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to interact with the locals in two public events one designed as an open consultation and the other as a public event to announce their results.


- Speakers' Presentations -

During the week long event the following presentations were given by invited speakers (in order of appearance in the agenda).

Filippo Lenzerini, Introduction to the MAB UNESCO Programme,

Christina Kalatha, The case of the Parnon Nomination

Filippo Lenzerini, Milestones for a BR application process,

Sonia Ferrari Place Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Development in a BR ,

Sotiris Bollis, Althernative Events that become Development Tools

Filippo Lenzerini, Branding Strategies for a BR ,

Michael Scoullos, Integrative Methodological Framework for Management of a BR

Michael Scoullos, The Importance of the Parnon Nomination to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (in Greek, given on the oublic event of 12/7)

Michael Scoullos, Education for Sustainable Development & the Biosphere Reserves

Argyris Boglis, The protected areas of Parnon Moustos, Mainalon and Monemvasia: the Role of the Management Body

Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Plant and habitats diversity in Greece: the case study of Mt Parnon

Presentation and Guided tour
Common species, Rare plants, Local endemic plants of Parnon

Vassilis Psallidas, Local Products & Tourism

- Participants' Contributions-
Participants were asked to prepare and present interesting management cases from the Biosphere Reserves of their countries. Here is what they shared with us (in alphabetic order of country).

Marcela Kune, Albania

Asma Chaker, Algeria

Katrin Tomova, Bulgaria

Mak  Vujanovic, Croatia

Sara Stemberger,  Croatia

Antonia Theodosiou, Cyprus

Attiat Mohamed,  Egypt

Merna Abdelazim, Egypt

Angeliki Ourouzi, Greece

Caterina Palombo, Italy

Chiara Viappiani, Italy

Andrea Colombelli, Italy

Maria Luisa Mason, Italy

Petra Trcek, Slovenia

Amel Mechemech, Tunisia

Sophia Craddock, UK

Snapshots from the course:


Participants were engaged in intensive group work around three thematic areas: (A) Candidature of a BR (tutored by F. Lenzerini, M Scoullos and A. Panitsas); (B) Education for Sustainable Development in a BR (tutored by I. Alampei and V. Malotidi); and (C) Local products and Tourism (tutored by V. Psallidas and A. Boglis). The results / recommendations of each working group are presented below.

GROUP A: Candidature of a BR

GRPUP B: Education (way if work) and Recommendations

GROUP C: Local products and Tourism


The Summer School is co-organised and supported by:

The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe


The Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (www.mio-ecsde.org) through its education initiative MEdIES (www.medies.net).

OIKOM Environmental Studies Ltd


Regional Development Company of Parnonas

Management Body of Parnon, Moustos, Mainalon and Monemvasia


The UNESCO Chair and Network on Sustainable Development Management and Education in the Mediterranean of the University of Athens


The Greek National Committee of Man and the Bioshere Program of UNESCO

Centre of Encironmental Education (CEE) of Molaoi


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