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Water for the City - Educational Component

"Water for the City" is a two year programme (2016-2018) implemented in Alexandroupolis, Greece by the Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med) in cooperation with  the local Municipality, the local Water & Sewage Service (DEYAA), and MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES, specifically for its educational component.

The programme aims to enhance the city water supply through increasing the capacity of the city's reservoir and promote good practices for sustainable water use in the urban environment, through the education of pupils and teachers, informing citizens and engaging local Operators. The Mediterranean Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development Information Office (MIO-ECSDE) through the MEdIES educational network coordinates the educational actions of the program.

"Water for the City" is funded by the Coca - Cola Foundation in Atlanta, USA.

Learn more about the entire programme: www.waterforthecity.net.

MEdIES' Activities within the "Water for the City" Programme

MEdIES is in charge of the following educational activities within the two year long Programme:

(1) The development of a new, web-based educational material (APP) "neroupoli" (= water-polis, water city in Greek language) including topics related to the natural vs the urban water cycle, climate change, water management at the city level, responsible consumer behaviour etc. Neroupoli is an interactive website, compatible with smart devices, designed to be used directly to adolescents aged 11-14 years old. The online material will be launched with 14 educational sections/activities, with the goal to extend them to approximately 20 as the programme evolves. Each activity presents some basic information on the topic, includes online quizzes and games and proposes group tasks for indoor or outdoor discovery. Neroupoli is expected to be fully operational in July 2017 (in Greek) at this link: http://water-polis.gr/

(2) The production of a sensitisation poster for students that is handed to them during our visits in schools. The poster presents components of the natural and the urban water cycle, aspects of integrated urban water management and some tips for responsible water use/behaviour. The poster is developed in Greek and is available here.

(3) The production of a new set of hands-on material about "Water for the city" (magnetic board, illustrated diagrammes, cards, etc.) to be used during the school visits.



(4) The organization of the school interventions in Alexandroupolis for 2017-2018 expected to have a total outreach to 4,000 students. The MEdIES Secretariat has already performed a mission to Alexandroupolis in April 2017 with targeted activities for 543 students (read more about MEdIES mission to Alexandroupolis here), while a local educator, Ms Mativa Vezirzti, was appointed and is in charge of the school visits for the period May-June 2017.

Ms Vezirtzi, in cooperation with the ESD Officers of Alexandroupolis and with the support of the MEdIES Secretariat, applied the hands-on activities of the "Water in the city" Programme in approx. 20 diffrenent schools of the wider area of Alexandroupolis.

From the beginning of the programme up until June 2017 in total, 1507 students have benefitted from the “Water for the city” Programme.

The students’ evaluation of the activities (through anonymous questionnaires) is very positive. In a five likert-type scale measuring their level of satisfaction, 87,5% of students have declared they enjoyed the activities “quite a lot” or “very much”.

The visits to schools and the application of the hands-on activities will be continued during the next school year.

(5) The capacity building of the local teachers (expected to reach 400 teachers for the two year period). Already, 109 teachers have been trained (since April 2017).

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