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SUMMER SCHOOL on integrated management for Biosphere Reserves, Sardinia, 13-20 July 2017


Integrated Management Approaches and Sustainable Tourism Strategies
for Biosphere Reserves

Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo future MaB UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Sant’Anna di Lodè (NU) – Tepilora Regional Parck - Sardinia, Italy,

13-20 July 2017

The Summer School seeked to provide a one week intensive training about Integrated Management Approaches and Sustainable Tourism Strategies for Biosphere Reserves. It has t informed the participants about the successful procedures of preparing the nomination for the “Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo” that is now (June 2017) part of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme, MAB/UNESCO). Last but not least the Summer School highlighted the rich natural and cultural heritage of the new Biosphere Reserve and, generally of the island of Sardinia.

The 26 trainees comprised a mix of post-graduate students, young scientists and staff and managers of Biosphere Reserves (BRs). They came from Europe and mostly from South Europe and Mediterranean countries.

View the Announcement describing in the Scope, Aims, and Methods of the Summer School (PDF).

Before the meeting the participants were asked to share their expectations as well as their favorite BR.


The Summer School included morning theoretic sessions, followed by a series of targeted visits and field work inside various 'hotspots' of the new BR “Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo” BR, as well as afternoon group work. During the group work the participants intergrated their observations, and data collected from the field on order to propose a set of recommendations, for the newly established BR.

View the Agenda outline (PDF) (v7), as well as its detailed version.


The key-speakers of the theoretic sessions have kindly shared with us their PPTs. Here they are in order of appearance:

- Philippe Pypaert, "MaB UNESCO Program and Biosphere Reserve Goals"

- Michael Scoullos, "Integrated approaches and methods for the BR Sustainable Management"

- Filippo Lenzerini, "The Tepilora Rio Posada and Montalbo Biosphere Reserve"

- Paolo Grigolli, "How territories may approach tourism changes?"

- Michael Scoullos, "Philosophy, Concepts and methods for linking ESD with management of Biosphere Reserves"

- Sara Cipolla, "Presentation of the activities of the Italian Youth Organisation UNESCO EDU"

- Antonio Funedda & Elisabetta Danila Patta, "The territorial development and the hydrogeological hazard: Theoretical approaches and the Posada example"

- Carlo Lugliè, "Prehistory of Sardinia General outlook and case studies of archaeological contexts for sustainable exploitation"

- Carlo Perelli, "Rural and forestry potential for local sustainable development: theoretical approaches and the Sardinia example"

- Gavino Palmas "Regional Agency FORESTAS in the Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo BR"




Based on the group work and the data collected through the various on site visits and interviews, the participants' results and reccomendations for the BR are the following:

Group I: Integrated management of BRs, PPT in Italian, PPT in English

Group II: Sustainable tourism in BRs, PPT in Italian, PPT in English

Group III: Education for Sustainable Development in BRs, PPT in Italian, PPT in English


The evaluation of the training was done using an anonymous online form.


Find our facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938588993048075/

Here below are snapshots of the Summer School. You can find many more photos in the facebook page.

Opening of the Summer School

Biking to the beach

At the beach

Visiting Montalbo Mountain

Working in groups

Working in groups

With the donkeys

At the Usinava cantiere Forestall

A surprise lunch at the welcoming FORESTAS centre

Learning to make hand-made pasta, at Onani village

Making bread and other bakery local products at Onani village

Baking our own bread at Onani village

We danced on several occasions (here at Onani village)

Inside a nurage

Visiting the Romanzesu Nuragic Sanctuary

In a quite sanctuary, where locals can isolate and pray.

At the local cheese factory, close to SantAnna

Visiting a traditional stock-farmer that makes cheese without electricity.

Group work presentations

Group work presentations

Group work presentations

Award ceremony: The Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo" is officially a Biosphere Reserve!

Award ceremony: The Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo" is officially a Biosphere Reserve!

Award ceremony: The Tepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo" is officially a Biosphere Reserve!

Group-Photo with the certificates, the Summer School in Sardinia is officially over!!! See you next year ; )


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