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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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The MARLISCO exhibition travelled on shore … to be part of a voluntary beach cleanup organised in the framework of the European Clean up Day. Some 150 people, younger and older volunteers, families, visitors, swimmers and divers gathered on the beach of Varkiza (Attica region) on the 10th of May 2014, to clean up the coast and the seabed, play, have fun and learn about marine litter.

Throughout the action, volunteers were helped with great enthusiasm by the British Ambassador, Mr. John Kittmer, Mr. Andy Georgiou, Country Executive of RBS, prof. Michael Scoullos, chairman of MIO-ECSDE.

The participants were given detailed instructions for the cleaning and recording of waste in data sheets in line with the online platform “Marine Litter Watch” of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Volunteers collected seven bags of trash, mostly cigarette butts and crushed plastic from coastal recreational activities (micro-litter). The “Loutraki Divers” collected trash from the seabed mostly items relating with fishing and construction but also coastal recreational activities. The data from clean ups throughout Greece will be published by HELMEPA in early June.

The event was concluded with a tour around the MARLISCO exhibition. Visitors and participants showed a big interest in it.

The beach cleanup in Varkiza was coordinated by HELMEPA and coorganised by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the British Embassy in Athens, the Mediterranean Information Office (MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES), the Navy Athletic Club of Vari - Varkizas (NAOVV), the Greek Recycling Development Company and the “Loutraki Divers”.

The “European Clean up Day” was organised for the first time this year with the support of the EC and is coordinated in Greece by HELMEPA. Nationwide, more than 4,500 people responded to the call of HELMEPA and organized over 100 clean-ups in coasts, seabed, river banks, lakes, forests, parks and other natural areas throughout Greece.

Read more for the event in Greek language (Reference to the HELMEPA JUNIOR website)


View below snapshots of the clean-up:

Volunteers collecting and recording wastes

MARLISCO exhibition on shore

Prof. Michael Scoullos, chairman of MIO-ECSDE explaining the impacts of micro litter.

The volunteers in the concluding photo of the clean-up.


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