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The Summer University of Samothraki 2016 took place between 9 and 22 in July 2016 with the participation of a wide consortium of Research Institution and Networks, Universities, National and Local Authorities, NGOs and with support of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the Municipality of Samothraki.

The summer university consisted of two parallel courses: Course A entitled ‚ÄúAquatic and Social Ecology- Theory and Practice‚ÄĚ and Course B on ‚ÄúIntegrated Water and Coastal Management - Educational and Participatory Approaches.

In total, more than 70 participants from 21 countries participated.

The summer university aspired to provide a high quality education to post graduate students and young scientists from European countries with a special focus on south East Europe (Balkan) countries on Integrated Management practices of Biosphere Reserves and various other categories of protected areas (National Parks, Areas Natura 2000, etc.).

The main aim was to deepen the understanding of the value of Biosphere Reserves as "laboratories" and "catalysts" of Sustainable Development. The Summer University specifically aimed to highlight the rich natural and cultural diversity and heritage of the island of Samothraki and support the proposal for its inclusion in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme, MAB/UNESCO).

Furthermore, within the Summer University a public event with the locals was also organised on July 19th.

Successful participation awarded the traineed of the Summer University with 6 ECTS.

COURSE B results

Course B was lead by MIO-ECSDE, and supported by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and   UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe Venice (Italy). GWP-Med has also supported the organisation of the event. Find at this link all presentations by the trainers, the outcomes of the trainees's group work, and the evaluation results based on anonymous questionaires)

Link: http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=1072&overRideCategory=1


The Sustainable Mediterranean Special edition

As an immediate follow up, the trainees of both Courses will be invited to submit their work findings in form of documents to be promoted electronically (at http://sustainable-samothraki.net/ and www.medies.net) and potentially in hard copy form (Special edition of ‚ÄúSustainable Mediterranean‚ÄĚ Newsletter published by MIO-ECSDE). Guidelines will be circulated in September 2016.

The Tutor Statement:

The organisers and trainers of Samothraki co-signed the joint Tutor Statement to support the accession of Samothraki to the Directory of the World Network of Bioshere Reserves.



Some snapshots from the summer university are following.

Registration time:


Who-is-who session/the students:


Who-is-who session/the organising group:



Biosphere Reserves presentation by P.Pypaert UNESCO Office in Venice:


Ice breakers:



Discovering the Fonias river ecosystem together with Prof N.Tuncay (left) and Dr St.Zoggaris (right):


"I  saw the snake..."


For the ...brave ones, diving in one of the Fonias River pools


Dinner with traditional live music


and the wonderful mucisians:


Visit to the archaelogical site of the Great Gods Sanctuary:


Exploring the IWRM Toolbox with Danka Thalmeinerova (right):



Time for beach clean up & litter items recording:


Prof Scoullos discussing about European perspectives of water management with dr El. Lipiatou and dr M.Moren, EU:



The mayor of Samothraki addresses the audience during the public event on July 19th:


Students statements during the public event:



Discovering & discussing about fossils in Samothraki:


Time for certificates ... finally:





But the island's ... residents remain...



... till next time ....

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