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MARLISCO exhibition


"Pathways to the Future", a Conference on ESD, Tallinn, 22-24 April 2015
Science and You conference
8th International World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC)
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Prof. Scoullos has recently participated in the training on ESD entitled Sustainable School-Sustainable Community, that took place between 21 and 27 July 2014.

This meeting that was attended by some 100 teachers has resullted in the following list of recommendations, in view of the UNESCO Nagoya Conference to mark the end of the Decade on ESD.

The meeting outcomes / reccomedations can be downloaded HERE.

Here is the link to the training (in Greek language): http://www.ellet.gr/node/641


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U Marinu sucessfully organized again this year two events that combine education and sustainable development in the Mediterranean :

Med'Educ 2012 (14th edition):
Mediterranean Governance through Educational Strategies

The theme of the 14th edition of Med'Educ concerned voluneering for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean: The commitments of civil society.
It was held on Wednesday, May 30 2012, on the ship Danielle Casanova (port of Marseille).
The detailed programme of the Med'Educ can be found here.
Read more: http://merenfete.umarinu.com/mededuc

Mer en Fete Festival 2012 (19th edition)

This event brought together, for 3 days, schools and organizations from France and other Mediterranean countries to discover how to protect and manage the Mediterranean basin.
The 19th edition of the festival took place on Wed May 29 (in Ajaccio), May 31 (in Marseille) and June 1, (in Bastia), on board of the ship D. Casanova.
Read more: http://merenfete.umarinu.com/

Photoghraphic material from the 2012 activities:

U Marinu is an association created in 1994, in Bastia.
Since 2002, U Marinu has become a Permanent Centre for the Environment Initiative entitled
"CPIE Bastia Golo Méditerranée", under the UNESCO Decade for Education for Sustainable Development DESD. Its main goal is providing awareness and education in marine and coastal environment.
Located in Corsica, Bastia, U Marinuu holds activities targeting the general public and mainly students, and has also a national and international agenda by promoting the networking working on similar structures throughout the Mediterranean.
Website: http://www.umarinu.com/
Contact: umarinu@wanadoo.fr

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MOnuMENTA through the programme "Local Communities & Monuments" is composing, with the help of the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades, a fairytale including knights, dragons, treasures, menhirs, towers, ruins, elves that actually happened in Naxos in earlier, distant times.


These fairytales will be narrated by four archaeologists that worked in the Archaeological Service in the period 1960-1995, leaving their mark to the research, protection and enhancement of the archaeological wealth of the island. Their comrades along with friends and the people of the island will help to the unfolding of the fairytales.


These will take place in Naxos island, in the ex-College of Ursulines (Castle of Chora, Naxos) on Sunday 3rd July 2011, 7 p.m. The fairytales will end with a small feast. Through this, we attempt to examine an alternative perspective, unexplored in terms of interpretation, considering the social past and present of the monuments, commencing at the same time our research on intangible heritage about understandings, uses and management of monuments, products of which will be published in due course on our new website.

The "True fairytales of Naxos" are kindly supported by VALLINDRAS distillery and AKTAION pastry shop.

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I would like to share with the Medies community an educative ressource we have 
elaborated for the project ABIPA C3F in Morocco (http://abipac3f.wordpress.com/)

It's about biodiversity, soil erosion and agriculture. It's available in
French http://abipac3f.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/guide-c3a9coles-finale.pdf
and Arabic

Pedro Fernández Bautista, Project coordinator

EUCC Mediterranean Centre
c/ Escar 6-8, Módulo 10A
ES-08039 Barcelona
+34 93 224 73 40

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Interactive Methods of the Group
by Badi Cristina and Beraru Georgeta

The interactive methods of the group have important impact on the way of thinking and acting of children. Their application is made as a game with rules. Presented in this way, the methods convince the children to participate to the activity, for an active learning and cooperation and determine them to collaborate inside the group. The teachers should know how to use these interactive group-work methods taking into consideration the different personalities of the children. Each child needs a special gesture, questions, advice, motivation and attitude depending on the situation.

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Research suggests that Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development may have greater impact when they are applied at small ages, starting from the kindergarten.

Young children really enjoy being in the field, directly involved in hands on activities, games, and experiences, using all senses; things that make enjoyable and effective EE/ESD at this school level.

You may find herewith a comprehensive article about the EE/ESD projects that a kindergarten in Romania realized in almost one school-year!

Download the pdf

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Mediterrania CIE and MIO-ECSDE organised the 7th MEDITERRANEAN HONORIFIC AWARD dedicated to innovative, successful campaigns on awareness raising relating to environment and sustainable development in the Mediterranean. The award applied for the diffusion of an already implemented project -given that the running and infrastructure of the project is already financed by other sources.

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HELMEPA, Clean-up Greece and MIO-ECSDE jointly with UNEP/MAP have launched the “Keep the Mediterranean Litter-free Campaign” to raise public awareness on the causes and impacts of the pollution of the sea from solid waste.

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The workshop which was held on 9-10 November 2006 in the 1st High school of Voula, was organized also by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Voula region and the Panhellenic Network for Theatre in Education and supported by the Municipality of Voula.

The 6hr workshop entitled “Me, Myself, the others and the surrounding rapacity” was guided by David Pammenter, Principal Lecturer, cdcArts, University of Winchester Gr. Britain. It was addressed to teachers of all levels and specialties, students of theatre and pedagogy faculties, people working with youth etc.

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Youth Programme: 6–16 September 2005, Orfani Kavalas, Greece
Creativity II is a vertical cutting in the field of youth mobility in Europe. 72 youth from 12 countries will meet in a campus in Kavala, Greece in order to release their creativity through thematic workshops such as street theatre, Vidio & Multimedia, Costumes and Scenery design, Dance and music and also through living and acting together with the “different”

This project is realised by “Kids in Action” with the support of the National Youth Agency, under the EC Youth, Action 1 programme. Furthermore youth from several International NGOs responded positively to the open call of the project and the actual total attendance is expected to be 120 young people from all around Europe or even more!

"Kids in Action" was created in 2003 by a group of young people living in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece through their great willingness to stimulate their peers in the subjects of social inclusion and youth mobility. "Kids in Action" aims at the enforcement and the encouragement of young people to pioneer in the construction of a peaceful and tolerant Europe of Knowledge. Their main activities include performances for young people with fewer opportunities, all around Greece and international youth activities such as group exchanges and training courses.
Find more info on the Workshops¢ Description prease press read more

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