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Greek Corner
MEdIES in the GAP Partner Network 1

Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


World's Largest Lesson launching for school year 2019-20
10th WEEC, Bangkok, 3-7 November 2019
First World Non-Formal Education Forum
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One of the most acute environmental problems of our days is the generation and disposal of wastes. The disposal of wastes, unless done properly may pollute the environment, particularly water and soil and make large plots of land useless. Household wastes play an important role in this cycle and consequently the actions of individuals and families regarding household wastes reflect seriously on the situation.

The continuing considerable increase in waste generation is to a certain extend certainly due to the increase of the world population. It is, however, mainly caused by a rapid increase of the currently prevailing consumption patterns. Today we consume several times more energy and materials than only a few decades ago, and the packaging of products is still rapidly increasing for a number of reasons such as the attractiveness of products, needs for preservation etc. Of course the extra packaging increases also the cost of products.

The educational material “Wastes in our life” which was produced within the MEdIES Initiative, aims at facilitating the educational procedure for the better understanding of the critical and not so attractive issue of household wastes. This first edition is available, herewith, in GREEK and is currently in the process of translation in other languages. Within MEdIES several educational materials are expected to be developed, depending on the particular educational and environmental realities of each Mediterranean country. In this sense any input and comments on behalf of the practitioners who apply this material would be highly appreciated.

The GREEK educational material “Wastes in our life” is composed of three parts/booklets:
a. The first part is addressed to the teachers in order to support their work as educators and “collaborators” of students.
b. The second part contains useful information and important data that can be explored when addressing issues relevant to wastes, or in order to penetrate in certain aspects.
c. The third part is addressed to the student and is actually a series of complementary educational activities, practical work, experiments etc. dealing with the issue of wastes from various aspects. The teachers and students may select and focus their work on some of all these issues.

Prof. Michael Scoullos,
MEdIES Coordinator

To e?pa?de?t??? ????? ?? ??????????? S?? ?O? ??S st?? ??????? G??ssa st??e?e? ?a d?e??????e? st?? e?pa?de?t?? d?ad??as?a st? ???s?? a??? ?a? d?s???? ?a? ??? ?d?a?te?a e???st??? ??a t??? ????? ??a t?? ap?????t??. ?
p?te?e?ta? ap? t??a ??? ?a? a?t?st???a te???:

a) ?? te???? a?t? ape????eta? st?? e?pa?de?t??? ?a? ap?te?e? ????a ??a t?? d??? t?? ????, ?? das?????, ?? s??e???t? t?? a??t??, ?? ep?e?st? ?a? ????? t?? ???? d?ad??as?a?.
??????S?? ?? ?????S G?? ??? ??T?G??? (PDF FILES, 16,5 ?? )

) ?? de?te?? pe????e? ???s?e? ???ase?? ?a? st???e?a ???? - p??? apa?a?t?ta ??a t?? epe?e??as?a t?? ?e?t??, t? d?e??????s? e???????a? t? st???e??d? e????s? se s?et???? te???????e?. ???a? p??fa??? ???s??, ??? ?at a????? st? s????? t??, t?s? ??a t? a??t? ?s? ?a? ??a t?? ?a????t?.
??????S?? ?? ?????S ?? ??S ???S???S G?OS??S (PDF FILES, 9,5 ??)

?) ?? ???t? ???? ape????eta? st?? a??t? ?a? ap?te?e? t?? ???? ?a? se???? d?ast????t?t?? d?af??et???? e?d???? st???? ?a? ?f??? ?sa ap? t?? ?p??e? ?a????t?? ?a? a??t?? ?a????ta? ?a d?a?????? ?a? ?a a?apt????? ?se? t??? e?d?af????? pe??ss?te??. ?? s????afe?? p??te????? ?a e?te?est??? ?s? t? d??at?9? pe??ss?te?e?, ?a? st?? ?a??te?? pe??pt?s? ??e?, ???? t?? s?p????at???t?t?? t???.
??????S?? ?? ?????S G?? ??? ??T??? (PDF FILES, 16,6 ??)

?a ap????ata st? ??? a?

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?p?st??????? ?pe?????? ?a???. ???a?? S???????
????a 2003



1) ??ast????t?te? ??a t?? a??t?

??ast????t?ta 01 - Spat??? t?? p?????t??
??ast????t?ta 02 - ?e??t? t?? ????? t?? ap?????t??
??ast????t?ta 03 - ??a??a?t???? p??t?se?? ??a t? e??s? t?? s???p?d???
??ast????t?ta 04 - ???s? ep????d???? ??s??? se epa??e?at???? d?ast????t?te? st?? p???
??ast????t?ta 05 - ?? ep?pt?se?? st? pe??????? ap? t? d???es? t?? ???s??p??????? pata????
??ast????t?ta 06 - ?a s???p?d?a st? ?e?t???? a? ?a? ? s?????? t???
??ast????t?ta 07 - ??te?ta? d??? ?a de?te? ta s???p?d?a t?? p???? a?
??ast????t?ta 08 - ?p????d??s? t?? ?????? st? f?s?
??ast????t?ta 09 - ??t??s? ?e????? e????e?a? ap? t?? ?a?s? t?? ap?????t??
??ast????t?ta 10 - ?a?a???? edaf?e?t??t???? ap? s???p?d?a
??ast????t?ta 11 - ?? p????a ap? t? d???es? t?? ap?????t?? se ?e??
??ast????t?ta 12 - ????????se ??a ???? t?? pe???????t??
??ast????t?ta 13 - ???s?e? ?a???te?????? d???????e? ap? s???p?d?a
??ast????t?ta 14 - ??? ?ata?????? ta ad?a?? ????? ap? t?? ?atedaf?se?? ?a? ta e???a ???a;
??ast????t?ta 15 - ?? ?????ta? ta pa??? a?t?????ta;
??ast????t?ta 16 - ???s? ?a? ?at????s? ??e?t????? ?a? ??e?t??????? s?s?e???
??ast????t?ta 17 - ?pa??? s?at?? a?a?????s?? st?? s?s?e?as?e? p?????t??
??ast????t?ta 18 - ??e?te t?? ???e??
??ast????t?ta 19 - ???tas? s???et?? s?s?e?as???
??ast????t?ta 20 - ?? p???????e ??a t? s?s?e?as?a t?? p?????t?? p?? a???????e;
???????af?a d?ast????t?t??

2) ?p?st????t??? ????? ??a t?? ?a????t?

?d???e? ??a t?? p?a?at?p???s? t?? p?????at??
??af??e?e? 01-04
- ?p????ata ? ??s?t?ta pa?a??e??? ap?????t??
??af??e?a 05
- ???e?d?p???t??? s?ata sta ep????d??a ap????ata
??af??e?e? 06-07
- ??a??a?t???? p??t?se?? ??a ?a??e????? d???e???
??af??e?a 08,10
- ?p????d??e? ??s?e? sta epa????ata
??af??e?a 09
- ??a??a?t???? t??p?? ap??????s?? ?e??d?? ap? ????a
??af??e?a 11
- ??a?e???s? ???s??p??????? pata????
??af??e?e? 12-13
- ???p?? s??????? t?? ????a??? ap?????t??
??af??e?e? 14-17
- ???p?? d???es?? t?? ????a??? ap?????t??
??af??e?a 18
- ??t?d??se?? ?at????? ??a t? d???es? t?? ap?????t??
??af??e?a 19
- ?a?a???? ??ae????
??af??e?e? 20-22
- ?a?s? ste?e?? ????a??? ap?????t??
??af??e?e? 23-24
- ?a?a???? edaf?e?t??t???? (??pasat?p???s?)
??af??e?a 25
- ??a?????s? ????a??? ap?????t??
??af??e?a 26
- ?????ata ap? t? ? s?st? d?a?e???s? t?? ap?????t??
??af??e?a 27
- ?????????? s?ata
??af??e?e? 28-29
- St???? ?a? ?e??????af?e? e ??a ta s???p?d?a
??af??e?a 30
- ?pa?a???s??p???s? p?????t??
??af??e?a 31
- ?atas?e??? ap? ???s??p?????a ?????
??af??e?a 32
- ??a?e???s? ad?a??? ????d????? ??????
??af??e?e? 33-35
- ??a?e???s? pa???? a?t?????t??
??af??e?a 36
- ??a?e???s? pa???? ??e?t????? ?a? ??e?t??????? s?s?e???
??af??e?e? 37-42
- ??a?????s? ??????
??af??e?e? 43-45
- S?s?e?as?a p?????t??

3) ???s?e? ???se??

?a????af?? 1 - ??a?e???s? ????a??? ap?????t??
?a????af?? 2 - ??a?????s? ??????
?a????af?? 3 - S?s?e?as?a ??????t??
???????af?a ???s??? G??se??

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