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Brief Description

In 1999 600 young people from over 100 countries gathered together in Hawaii to celebrate the role of youth in society and discuss their priorities for the new Millennium. The event was such a success that we have decided to do it all over again.

From 16-28 August, 2003 up to 1,000 young people from all over the world will gather again, this time in Morocco to share good practice, take part in hands-on development projects and draw up a declaration outlining a future path for youth involvement in sustainable development.

Tolerance, solidarity and the role of young people in sustainable development - these are the main themes of the congress. It shall also focus on how young people can support the efforts of the UN and its member governments to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) chiefly how to halve the number of people living in extreme poverty by 2015.

A key feature of this Congress, is that for five out of the twelve days, the delegates will not be sitting in conference rooms: they will be outside in disadvantaged areas of Morocco taking part in an action project organised by Moroccan NGOs. So as well as learning and debating they will be putting ideas into practise finding out at first hand from the NGOs the challenges they face on a daily basis. Projects could include: building a park in a run-down town centre, laying the foundations of a new school-room in a small village, erecting solar panels to bring sustainable electricity and the internet to rural areas.

The congress is happening thanks to a partnership between Peace Child International and the Moroccan Government, with the full support of the King. Every government has been invited to organise a national consultation with young people to elect 2 delegates to represent their country. Almost 60 countries are now in the process of doing this.

The first deadline has passed, but there are still places left and some countries are still not represented. Any young person (age 14-25) who has ever taken action to promote sustainable development, social justice and human rights should be there! This Congress is about taking ACTION.

The first deadline of March 31st is now passed, but there are still paces left. If you want to be there, you must act quickly to stand a better chance of being selected.


Location: MOROCCO - Casblanca
Russell Parkinson, Peace Child International

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