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You do not have to give up completely meat in order to eat consciously and you are not sure you eat consciously even if you do not eat meat at all. What is after all the "sustainable model of nutrition" and why is nowadays the only model left to adopt when it comes to food and diet? October 16 has been established by the UN as the World Food Day since 1945.

Yet, so many years later, hunger is on the rise again. According to the UN Food & Agriculture Programme (FAO), 1 out of 7 people are deficient in food and 1/3 of the world's food is wasted. It seems that sustainable nutrition is an one-way street and we can only begin with minimizing the food we throw awat at the end of the day. 2018 World Food Day's motto is "Our Action are our Future".

Whether you choose to enjoy a steak, or you love the pizza outdoors or you are a vegan, you may find practical tips here http://www.fao.org/world-food-day towards a sustainable model of nutrition and without depriving yourself of enjoying food! Here is short checklist:

  • Eat as much as you need
  • Use/cook your leftovers
  • Avoid ready-made, too-much-treated food
  • Opt to local and season's products
  • Prefer less packaged products
  • Reduce meat
  • Prepare a cooking (weekly) plan
  • Re-think/remember the Meditteranean diet model


Check also tips and info in our material "Mediterranean food and diet"



Foodmarket in the Medina of Rabat, Morocco

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