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Are you a student or teacher involved in citizen science? Then you can participate in the European Student Citizen Science Challenge

The Student Citizen Science Online Challenge is a Europe-wide challenge for students to scientifically and playfully explore issues surrounding biodiversity, sustainability, environmental monitoring, and biodesign. The challenge encourages students (and teachers) to get involved in a local citizen science project or to start one of their own!

Student groups submit a visual or multimedia story sharing their method, observations, or reflection on a citizen science project in or around the classroom. The story could be a video, photo essay, comic strip, or a collection of scientific illustrations. Stories are displayed in an online exhibition, where students can share their story to a wide audience and see what sustainability inquiries other students around Europe are undertaking. The online exhibition is housed by Esri.

Who should participate?

  • Secondary school students or mature primary school students anywhere in Europe.
  • Formal or informal educators & students: extracurricular activities welcome!
  • Groups of students accompanied by a teacher or mentor.


  1. Autumn challenge: 1st November - 31st December 2018
  2. Spring challenge: 1st March - 15th April 2019

How to participate?

Go to the How it works page!

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The Seminar will bring together 20/24 young emerging leaders from the participating countries of the Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) for a 5-day programme including access to international institutions, media mentoring networks, and European peers. The Seminar will combine innovative methodologies to support the participants to work together in a fresh and exciting way, with a focus on tackling a common challenge relevant to societies to the south and north of the Mediterranean.

Age range: 18 to 30 years old.
Gender, age and geographical balance among chosen participants will be ensured.

Priority countries. Participants from the following countries are encouraged to apply:

  • Southern Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia.
  • EU: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

Travel expenses and visa fees for the seminar in Malta will be covered by the organisation. Board and lodging will also be provided.

Deadline for Applications: 20 September

Read more how you can apply: http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/news/young-med-voices-malta-seminar-new-leadership-call-participants-now-open

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Do you have experience teaching refugees? Have you been trained to deal with the diverse, multi-lingual/cultural needs that this group may face? Are you a refugee student? What challenges and initiatives have hindered or helped you gain access to education?

On June 20 (World Refugee Day), the GEM Report launched a call for refugee students and their teachers to share their stories and photos about education.

We are interested in featuring the stories collected in our next report on migration, displacement and education due out 20 November, 2018.

Share your #EDUSTORY

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The 2018 call for nominations is open , while the deadline for the receipt of nominations is 31 October 2018.

UNESCO is launching the call for nominations for the 2018 edition of the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education. Funded by the Kingdom of Bahrain and established in 2005, this year’s Prize will recognize projects and programmes that leverage innovative technologies to ensure education for excluded vulnerable groups.

For the past years, the Prize has been promoting the use of new technologies to expand educational opportunities and increase access to quality education for vulnerable groups impeded by cultural and economic barriers, personal disabilities, gender inequalities, and/or crisis-affected situations. Indeed, ICT have a great potential to enable cost-efficient solutions to address these barriers, so that everyone can fully enjoy their right to education.

This year the Prize will highlight projects that use integrated solutions that blend commonly used technology with frontier ICT applications, such as breakthrough technology to overcome infrastructure barriers; solutions to reduce the cost of access; online learning innovations; intelligent learning management systems; machine translation; big data; and imagery technology.

Two awards will be granted, and each recipient will receive a monetary award of US$ 25,000 during the Award Ceremony at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.


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The 2018 Global Youth Video Competition seeks for outstanding 3'- films on new and ambitious solutions to combat climate change.

UN Climate Change and its partners are coordinating the annual Global Youth Video Competition since 2015. The competition demonstrates how young people are key players in enacting innovative and ambitious solutions to combat climate change.

Who can take part? Young people between the ages of 18 and 30

How can I take part? Prepare an engaging, max-3-min video

What is the theme?  Two thems: (a) Sustainable Consumption & Production (b) Green and Climate-friendly Jobs

Where to send the video clip?  Upload it at http://biomovies.tve.org/competitions/global-youth-video-competition/(link is external)

What is the deadline?  31 August 2018

What is the award? Two winners will receive a round trip to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland in December 2018!!!  (including flight, accommodation and other expenses). They will join the UNFCCC Global Climate Action team as youth reporters, compiling and producing videos, articles and social media posts.

More information at: https://unfccc.int/topics/education-youth/youth-engagement/global-youth-video-competition/lights-camera-katowice




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The ‚ÄėESD Okayama Award 2018‚Äô is open¬†for¬†entry!

up till 29 June 2018 (17:00 Japan Standard Time)!


Organizations based in any implementing ESD activities in local communities are eligible to apply.


US $3,000

Number of Award Winning Projects

The Global Prize will be given to up to two projects.

Award Ceremony

Award winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony on October 27, 2018 (Saturday) in Okayama, Japan, and will be requested to give a presentation on the project.

ALL details including the application guideline, forms and previous award-winning projects, please see the website below: http://www.okayama-tbox.jp/esd/pages/8758


Contact the ESD Okayama Award Secretariat, Contact Person: Ms. Miki Konishi, Mr. Hirohisa Iwata

TelÔľö+81-(0)86-803-1351¬†FaxÔľö+81-(0)86-803-1777 esd@city.okayama.lg.jp




‚ÄĘ The¬†ESD¬†Okayama¬†Award¬†Steering¬†Board¬†is¬†composed¬†of¬†the¬†following¬†organizations:









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Could a teacher at your school be the 2018 Global Educator of the Year? Think Global are opening up nominations for this years awards and we're looking for educators who have found creative ways to engage young people in global learning and inspired students to take action on a global issue.

Deadline for submitting the Nomination forms : 11 May 2018

Read more: https://globaldimension.org.uk/global-educator-of-the-year-2018/

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Generously supported by the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Prize consists of two annual awards of USD 50 000 for each laureate in support of their continuous work to advance education for girls and women.  It was established by the UNESCO Executive Board at its 197th session, and awarded for the first time in 2016.

The 2018 nomination process takes place online via an online platform accessible through the UNESCO website: http://unesco.org/gwe.  Permanent Delegations, National Commissions and NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO will be able to connect with their existing generic UNESTEAMS accounts.

Nominations should be submitted to UNESCO in English or French by 11 May 2018 (midnight, Paris time).

For further information on the Prize and its nomination process, please visit: http://on.unesco.org/gweprize.

Enquiries regarding the nomination process should be addressed to Mr Leyong Gao, Section of Education for Inclusion and Gender Equality, e-mail: GWEPrize@unesco.org.

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We are looking for short stories ‚Äďup to 3,500 words‚Äď that in some way touch upon ideas around building a sustainable society. We will consider all genres ‚Äď rom-com, literary fiction, science fiction, mystery, etc. ‚Äď but stories must engage with the idea of sustainable practices and/or societies.

Most stories set in the future are dystopian ‚Äď they have a pessimistic view of society. We will consider all stories, but we encourage you to imagine a more positive settings and practices for your stories. Do feel free to draw upon the resources in this Sustainable Societies website to write your story. Each page provides links to articles/videos that describe the ideas and also ideas for how such ideas may be integrated into stories.

The story doesn’t have to be about sustainability or climate change directly. A rom-com, for example, could be set in a society that replaces ownership with borrowing and the heroine goes to a clothes library to pick up a posh dress and borrow jewellery for her big date; or the hero in a crime drama could use a carbon credit card and hear the news in the background reporting on the wellbeing index instead of GDP; or the characters in a legal drama could live in a city where everyone has gardens on their roofs and generates energy from their own waste.


19 April 2018, 10 pm GMT


Please submit your entry and your completed submission for as an attachment via email to greenstories@soton.ac.uk  Include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, and whether you are a student, in the body of the email only. Also let us know where you heard about the competition.


We will award three prizes from the entries, as well as name two to seven runners-up, whose stories will appear in a prize anthology. First place will be awarded to the best story, and there will also be two second-place prizes: one to the best story by a student, another to an entry not by a student.

1st Prize: £ 200
2nd Prize (by a student): £ 50
2nd Prize (all eligible): £ 50

The best stories will also be published in an anthology which will be distributed across bookshops and organisations interested in sustainability.

Read more


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Are you ready to accept the Biosphere Challenge 2018?

This is a challenge for schools in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves around the world. It is offered by Biosphere Reserve Lake Vanern Archipelago in Sweden.

2018 Theme: My favourite place in the Biosphere

The theme of the Biosphere Challenge 2018 is "My Favourite Place in the Biosphere". We challenge school classes to show their favourite place in their UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The location can be a place that is important to the pupils. A place where they get new energy, find peaceful quiet time, or a place where they can run around and play as much as they want.

Collectively, the classes who accept the challenge will portray beautiful, amazing and cool places in biosphere reserves around the world!

This a challenge for elementary schools in (or close to) a Biosphere Reserve. The purpose is to show the effects of many people working together towards a common goal: a more sustainable future!

The Challenge is composed of four steps:

1) Each pupil documents and describes his/her favourite place. The selected location should be outdoors and it should be a place full of life.

2) The pupils vote for the most favourite place that will be submitted to the Biosphere Challenge.

3) Agree on a good motivation. Why did the class choose this location?

4) The class submits the entry.

You can register to the Biosphere Challenge 2018 by sending an email to johanna.olsson[at]vanerkulle.se

DEADLINE to sign up for the Challenge is March 15th, 2018.


When a school accepts the Challenge and signs up, a welcome package will be sent via e-mail includingpedagogic materials and a report form.


The school should submit results no later than April 20th, 2018.

Read more in the following documents:

Info-text; Powerpoint for the class; Guidelines for the teachers

or adress your wuestions to Ms Johanna Olsson: johanna.olsson[at]vanerkulle.se

Please, enter your information in the blue boxes below and erase the pre-printed instructions. Submit the form in Word format via e-mail to johanna.olsson@vanerkulle.se ‚Äď no later than April 20th 2018.
Images, such as photos and scanned drawings should be included in this form as well as attached as jpg-files to your submitted e-mail.
Please name the Word document with class-school-biosphere reserve, and country for example: 4cKinnekulleskolanLakeVänernBRSweden.doc

All participating school classes receive a diploma!

Good luck!


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