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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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MARLISCO exhibition


Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, Bonn, 2-4 May 2019
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1. Visibility & Events

A. RWH educational activities in Nisyros and Tilos, 14-15 April 2016

B. MARLISCO exhibition travels to the city of Megara for 3 weeks (May 2016)

C. Marine litter seminar & the MARLISCO exhibition in Andros 4-5 June 2016

D. MEdIES at the closing meeting of the UE4SD meeting and conference, Gibraltar, 27-28 June 2016


2. Material & ICTs

A. E-course on the educational pack Know Feel Act to Stop Marine Litter 10-22 May 2016

B. September 2016 new call for e-course on Mediterranean food


3. Other News

Preparations for the Samothraki Summer University 2016, July 9-22


1. Visibility & Events

A. RWH educational activities in Nisyros and Tilos, 14-15 April 2016

This was the 8th year for MEdIES Secretariat to have collaborated with the Mission Water Environmental Programme and GWP-Med to implement educational activities on rainwater harvesting in schools. This year’s activities took place in two small islands of the Dodecanese: Nisyros and Tilos, engaging in total, 96 students and 11 teachers. We found out that in Nisyros practically every house was equipped with a cistern, that kept that kept being in use until very recently. Ιn the island of Tilos also, students showed a strong appreciation for water! Read more: http://www.medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1061

Besides the islands of Dodecanese, a plethora of educational interventions for students and teachers were carried out in Athens in this school year, but also in other islands (Mykonos and Aigina). In total more than 1500 students from Athens Metropolitan Area have participated to the “Gift of Rain Activities” and 150 teachers have been trained in seminars. The activities in Athens are coordinated by Mr Vassilis Psallidas. Information about the MEdIES RWH activities in general, in English http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=657 and in Greek: http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=497&overRideCategory=1


B. MARLISCO exhibition travels to the city of Megara for 3 weeks (May 2016)

The MEdIES Secretariat responded positively to the invitation of the Municipality of Megara, to host the MARLISCO exhibition for 3 weeks in the Municipal Cultural Centre and organize therein school visits. A training seminar was also organised on May 13 to prepare the teachers who were about to bring their classes to the exhibition and was attended by about 25 teachers of primary and secondary level. MEdIES officers Iro Alampei and Vicky Malotidi organised the training seminar in collaboration with the EE/ESD officer of the region Ms Alexandra Tsiggou and Ms Eleni Riga from the Municipality. Read more at: http://www.medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1064

C. Marine litter Seminar & the MARLISCO exhibition in Andros 4-5 June 2016

MEdIES has taken part in the organization of an intensive, “aquatic” 2-day training, hosted in the wonderful island of Andros: the aim being to train primary level teachers to integrate in their teaching the issue of Marine Litter! The 60 participants followed a plenary presentation, visited the MARLISCO exhibition, in order to get a basic understanding on the issue of litter and participated in experiential outdoor training workshops on various sites and beaches of the island.

MEdIES Officers Vassilis Psallidas and Iro Alampei undertook the organization and the formation during the training that was co-organised with the CEE of Korthi Andros together with the primary level EE officers of: Cyclades, C Athens, A Athens, West Attica.

Read more: http://www.medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1070



D. MEdIES at the closing meeting of the UE4SD meeting and ESD Conference, Gibraltar, 27-28 June 2016

The Annual Meeting of the UE4SD project took place on 27 June, hosted by the University of Gibralar, aiming to provide the opportunity to the partners’ representatives to discuss -in plenaries and breakout sessions- the future steps of the network, ideas to continue supporting the ESD professional development of the university educators and opportunities to keep “alive” the legacy of the network/project. The meeting was quite fruitful in providing concrete proposals to the coordinators and the partners as well. The afternoon of the June 27 the Conference “Universities as Beacons of Change: Education for Sustainability lighting up pathways for a new world” started welcoming academic staff and stakeholders interested in ESD in higher education. The conference was opened by the Minister for Health, Environment and Climate Change, Dr John Cortes while the1st session the Chair was held by His Excellency Lieutenant-General Edward Davis CB CBE, Governor and Commander-in-Chief. The conference included key plenary presentations by Prof Heila Lotz-Sisitka Rhodes University; Dr Alexander Leicht, UNESCO; Ms Adriana Valenzuela, UNFCCC and several others in parallel sessions. Prof Michael Scoullos was one of the panelists, while Ms Vicky Malotidi represented MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES.


2. Material & ICTs

A. E-course on the educational pack Know Feel Act to Stop Marine Litter 10-22 May 2016

In May 2016 the fourth round of the e-course aiming to introduce the educational pack Know, Feel, Act! to Stop Marine Litter to formal and non formal European educators took place. The course was held by MIO-ECSDE / MEdIES, this time in the framework of the DeFishGear project. In this round the majority of participants came from the Euro-Mediterranean region. Τhe e-course had 111 registrations from dozens of countries, and about 1/3 of them successfully completed all coursework. The course tutored by Iro Alampei, MEdIES Secretiat.

Read more at: http://www.medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1067


B. September 2016: NEW CALL for e-course on Mediterranean food

The e-course “Mediterranean Food and Diet: A multidisciplinary Historic, Cultural, Environmental and Dietary Overview" developed by UNESCO Chair on ESD in the Mediterranean in cooperation with MEdIES and managed by the e-learning Programme of the University of Athens is designed for people who wish to learn in depth about the Mediterranean food products and diet, their historical evolution and related cultural goods as well as the central role of food in sustainable development. It is a 9-week course in English, that leads to an official Training Certificate. The start date is 26 September 2016 while the registrations are open until 19 September 2016 here: http://elearninguoa.org/programme/Mediterranean-Food-and-Diet



3. Other News

Samothraki Summer University 2016, July 9 - 22

The Samothraki Summer University 2016 on Integrated Management Approaches for Biosphere Reserves, is scheduled between 9 and 22 July aiming to provide an intensive, innovative, multidisciplinary and experiential training. It is the result of the cooperation and synergy among Research Institutions and Networks, Universities, National and Local Authorities, NGOs, as well as key UNESCO branches.

Read more at http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=1063&overRideCategory=1

P.S. The MEdIES secretariat is excited to be back from the two week training, read a detailed report in our next bulletin.

Have a nice summer : )


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